Scientific approach to design

Information gathered through researches about the relationship between neuromarketing and visual design lead us to some valuable insights which let us to create neuro design projects.

Scientific approach to design

Why Scientific Design? Because we believe in research!

It is now harder to reach to the consumer who is exposed to more than 10.000 messages in a day.


How We Do It? By understanding the consumer

We use information gathered through neuromarketing researches and we create value for brands.


What Do We Do? Effective designs

We offer solutions which are shaped according to neuromarketing principles.

A new design perspective synthesized with neuromarketing

Today, designs are usually made according to instincts of designers and project managers instead of scientific data. Consumers are under the influence of excessive advertising messages that comes from hundreds of brands. That is why it is now harder to reach the consumer. Even they did it, it is uncertain how the consumers will interpret the message.

As Designneuro, we believe the design should be scientific, not intuitional. That is how we offer the most accurate solutions to the brands.

Neuromarketing Dictionary

Desingnneuro is a product of 20 years of visual communication experience reshaped with neuromarketing researchs.

  • What is NeuroMarketing?

    It is a research field to understand customers unconscious reactions through scientific manners.

  • Eye Tracking

    Quantitative report based on calculating consumer’s pupil movements.

  • EEG

    Every emotion triggers electric currents in the brain. These currents are measured by EEG device.

  • Mirror Neuron

    It is a strong part of defense mechanism and source of empathy.

Our team

Designneuro has a team includes art director, designer, programmer, communication, marketing expert and as plus an academic background.


To discover the bonds between neuroscience and graphic design and to widen our knowledge, we are co-operating with ThinkNeuro. We are working eagerly as a world’s first neuromarketing based design agency.