It is important to separate the brand on the shelves from competitors. These attention grabbing cans draw huge interest from consumers.


Artistic touch to Absolut

These illustrated cans which match up with Absolut’s art-embracing world have its designers’ signatures on them too. That limited edition cans produced 10.000 copies, are run out at short notice and take its place on collectors archives.

Absolut Vodka Nöro tasarım ile rafta farklılaşan sanatsal kutu baskısı
Absolut Vodka Kutu fotoğrafı
Designed by
Absolut Vodka Kutusu Fuat Kanık tasarımı
Absolut Vodka Kutu 360° Gif animasyon
Absolut Vodka Sanatsal Kutu Baskısı
Absolut Vodka Kutu Fotoğrafı
Designed by
Absolut Vodka Kutusu Onur Kanık Tasarımı
Absolut Vodka Kutusu 360° Gif Animasyon
Absolut Vodka Kutusu Kutu Baskısı Kerim Cem Oktay Tasarımı Absolut Vodka Kutusu Gürsel Aksu ve Fuat Kanık