We Sponsored EAPC

Designneuro became one of the sponsors of the European Political Consultants Association (EAPC) Conference and the EAPC Polaris Awards, the world's first political communication competition.

We Sponsored EAPC
Reading Time 1 min / Publish Date - 06.04.2023

The 22nd European Association of Political Consultants (EAPC) Conference, which will include political consultants, campaign managers, researchers, academics, public relations, and public affairs experts from 34 countries, will be held on the side of Capital Media London between 28-30 May in Brussels, the capital of Belgium.

Politicians and political experts from different countries of the world will take place as speakers at the conference. Issues such as the development, support and maintenance of democratic processes will be discussed. Issues such as mutual exchange of information and experience, cooperation to promote democracy will be on the agenda.

At the same time, the Conference will host the Polaris Awards for the first time in its history. All political campaigns around the world can participate in the contest in 20 different categories.

Designneuro is also proud of being one of the sponsors of this substantial organization.

Designneuro EAPC Polaris Awards

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