We Designed With Neuromarketing, We Got The Golden Spider

Wunder in the Fashion & Beauty category at the 17th Golden Spider Awards; We were selected as the best website of 2019 by “leaping” one step ahead of our competitors with a simple user-experience-oriented design!

We Designed With Neuromarketing, We Got The Golden Spider
Reading Time 4 min / Publish Date - 17.04.2023

One of the most significant factors affecting the decision of today's shoppers is the emotions of the consumer. If a product creates the right emotion in the consumer, the probability of purchasing behavior increases.

While designing the Wunder website, one of our main starting points was to provide an uninterrupted experience while connecting the user with the product.


Altın Örümcek Awards

In this direction, we cleaned the loads that came between the user and the product on the site. But we have taken into account the requirements of e-commerce. With the right design, we aimed to make the consumer feel only the emotions created by the products. For this, we have shown prices, campaigns, and all other information more minimally and clearly on the interface.





Unlimited Views

On the product detail page, we have presented the product photos with an unlimited view on the background without framing them. Thus, we aimed for a free perception that does not limit the user's gaze. This free presentation of the products allowed him to communicate better with the user.


Web Interface Design

Neuromarketing Research

It is necessary to provide product-shopper communication with a low cognitive load. In this way, it is possible to establish a better emotional bond with the product. It is supported by neuromarketing research that purchasing rates increase in this way.



Very soon, together with ThinkNeuro, we will test the accuracy of these studies by doing Eye Tracking and EEG research on the Wunder website. :)

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