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What, Why and
How To Use Neuromarketing?


Brands are closer than ever to understand the consumers through neuromarketing methods which observe the reasons behind of making a buying decision. So what does neuromarketing tell us?

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Neuromarketing is a research field that evaluates and reports consumer experiences through special devices in laboratories.

It divides target audience into focus groups and gathers information by using eye tracking and brain monitoring devices. After, it analyzes this information.

Traditional research methods consist of asking questions to the consumer but in many cases consumer doesn’t know the thinking behind what he loves and why he loves it. That fact may misguide the brands.


In that point, neuromarketing seeks the answers that even consumer himself doesn’t know. Neuromarketing is considered an essential method for brands when it comes to understand the human mind.

Actually, people are emotional beings. That is why they don’t decide rationally. They buy a product just because they liked the package or they pay attention in a trice when other talks about a subject that we are interested. All these matters is a concern for neuromarketing.

Today, you can find lots of neuromarketing workshops on the market. While these workshops teach people how neuromarketing works, they also teach basics about human behaviors at the same time.

Which methods are used?

- Focus Group: First of all, every research requires a well-chosen focus group.
- Eye Tracking: It is a method of reporting quantitatively the movements of pupil through special eyeglasses
- EEG: Every emotion triggers an electric current in the brain, these currents are analyzed through EEG (electroencephalography) device.
- fNIRS: Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy

What is it tells?

- Give simple messages, avoid complicated ones
- Use visuals because they are perceived better than texts.
- Consider yourself as a member target audience and look as they look.
- Appeal to emotions
- Give people reasons
- Be positive