Brand Identity and Web Design

We built the foundations of Gravity Architecture's branding process based on a firm corporate identity and a minimalistic website.

Gravity for gravity

Gravity Architecture is an award-winning architecture firm with offices established in New York and Istanbul.


We met Gravity at the beginning of their branding journey. In order to reflect the vision and values of the brand in our designs, Gravity had to be studied thoroughly. We were assigned to design a creative identity together with a website, reflecting the visionary perspective and dynamics of the brand.

We set 3 main goals for the project.


Powerful Logo

The logo is intended to have a simple, consistent and strong typographic features.


Design Language

We faced the challenge of producing simple, impressive and consistent visuals since we wanted to create an expressive and simplistic design language in order to reflect the brand's true identity.


Artistic Style

Main elements of Gravity projects are represented in charcoal drawings. We needed an effective solution to transfer the traditional and artistic aspect of the brand to the digital realm using this visual style.


White Space

Neurodesign for Gravity

Since the human brain processes high contrast colors relatively faster, B&W visuals are perceived more effectively compared to colourful images. In addition, these colors support the idea of simplicity since they don’t contain any messages. That's why we decided to put aside the colors and go with a monochromatic identity for Gravity.

Digital reflection

In order to emphasize the brand's artistic style, we created a video containing a pencil drawing greeting visitors at the entrance. By transferring the desired emotion to the audience, we were able to reflect the core image of the brand.

Holistic approach

Design integrity is essential in terms of neuromarketing. Research data shows that incompatible images reduce user's emotional response to visual stimuli. While the website was presented in B&W, brand logos designed by Gravity were presented via charcoal drawings in the featured conceptual video.


While the Gravity team loved and enjoyed our project were welcomed by, the website was selected “Website of the Day” by “CSSREEL”.

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Emaar Akvaryum

Social Media Management

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