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For the creators of Mount & Blade, we created a website that reflects the spirit of the brand.


Creators of Mount&Blade

TaleWorlds, Turkey’s biggest game development company, has achieved worldwide recognition with their game Mount & Blade. We met TaleWorlds during the development stage of their new project Bannerlord and sparked a partnership in order to take their digital strategy one step further. We knew that we were working with a crowded team of digital artists, designers and developers globally known for their work.


We had a very crowded team with digital artists, designers and software developers. The project was supposed to be suitable for the world of Mount & Blade, the famous game of TaleWorlds, and to be able to represent the corporate face of the company in desired qualities. At this point, it was important to understand the brand values well, and to match these values, to produce a product that would please the players, the TW Team and us.

We set 3 main goals for the web project.


Medieval times

TaleWorlds team loves a dark atmosphere and everything related to medieval times so their website should be revolving around these concepts.



Since every game would have its own unique style, site and interface design should reflect upon this flexibility.


Single dashboard management

A single dashboard to manage all sites and platforms regarding TaleWorlds and Bannerlord games should be designed.


Medieval Times
Stone Walls

We visited TaleWorlds’ office in order to get to know them better.

We had the chance of going around their office, gaming with them and visiting their greenbox studios. Apart from having fun, these experiences were essential to getting to know the brand and their values better. Through our meetings and time together, we’ve reached the conclusion that TaleWorlds’ website should be reflecting the game’s medieval, dark and chaotic atmosphere while offering the best user friendly experience.

Users' Comments


The website where the brand's corporate face meets the ambiance of its games, was highly appreciated by both the TaleWorlds team and the players. Users' comments on TaleWorlds forums and Steam also showed us once again that we are on the right track.

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We worked with Designneuro to design TaleWorlds and Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord websites. Even though we are living in different cities, we had the chance to conduct easy and friendly communication. In our opinion, Designneuro is a creative agency that cares about the user experience and knows how to provide accurate communication with effective methods. In this way, creative sites that fit the world of our games have emerged, providing a good user experience.We would like to thank the Designneuro team who have been working like their own projects since the beginning.

Armağan Yavuz


Mount & Blade II
Banner Lord

Web Design & Development

For the new version of Mount & Blade legend Bannerlord,
we covered our swords and set out for Calradia!