DeriDesen Label Corporate Website

Altın Örümcek 2022 - Fashion / Beauty - Category Winner

Since 1969 Deridesen is bringing world brands with end customers while leading Turkish label production and bringing life to Fashion.

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Deridesen Label
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Altın Örümcek

2022 - Fashion / Beauty - Category Winner

DeriDesen Label Web Design and Development

Deridesen is an environmentally conscious textile firm with zero carbon footprint; planting as many trees in parallel to its carbon emissions accumulated during production. The Brand had envisioned a project suitable for the creative environment of the fashion industry, with a modern and colorful visual style. The textual and visual material we had at the start of the project was also considerably limited. There was a critical need to improve the content to improve the total quality of the project.



Sustainable Website
We brought the sustainable approach of the Brand into the digital. We calculated the total yearly energy consumption of the website and donated TEMA for forestation efforts to neutralize the calculated carbon emission.

High Content Quality
We renovated the whole communicative approach of the website according to the marketing goals. We also managed the photo shoot process to increase the content quality.

A Modern Look fit for the Fashion World
We designed the website to meet the creativity of the fashion industry; We aimed for an asymmetrical approach and a perceptually stimulating effect on the user. The website, with its visual medium fit for the current trends, is capable of correctly communicating the strong messages of the brand.

DeriDesen Label Corporate Website

User-Focused Mobile Experience

DeriDesen Label Corporate Website
DeriDesen Label Corporate Website
DeriDesen Label Corporate Website
DeriDesen Label Corporate Website


Deridesen, the first sustainable website in Turkey has won the Altın Örümcek Award.
Altın Örümcek 2022 - Fashion / Beauty- Category Winner

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DeriDesen Label
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