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How Neuromarketing is
Trying to Understand Customers?


Now, we can understand both what and why the consumer buys thanks to neuromarketing methods. But how neuromarketing is trying to understand customers?

consumer faces and magnifier researching brain

We know which products the consumer but we don’t know why they prefer buying these products. The conventional research methods don’t give us the desired results. At that point, neuromarketing gets involved in. So, how neuromarketing is trying to understand customers?

Finding the ‘‘Why’’

As consumers, we might offer ourselves rational reasons while buying but the truth is our buying decisions aren’t centered upon reason.

Imagine that you are buying a car. The main function of the is that it drives you from A to B, right? Now, as consumers, if we decide with our logic we would all be driving the same car. Let’s involve price/performance ratio too but still, there shouldn’t be plenty of cars brands in the world.

toyota yaris advertisement, car and jumping man

Observe the car commercials. Most of them don’t highlight the features of the car but they highlight how good you will feel if you buy that car. If there is, car features are usually in the background. So if we buy cars according to logic, why these commercials emphasize feelings?

mazda advertisement, car and blonde woman sun bathing

Because %95 of consumer’s decision-making takes place in the subconscious mind.We don’t decide with our logic but we decide with our feelings.

Long story short, we know what we buy but we don’t know why we buy.

Well, neuromarketing involves at that point to find ‘‘why’’ we buy.

Neuromarketing is a research field found for finding the real reasons of consumer’s decision-making while buying products. It focusses on increasing the sales and eliminating the negative elements on the commercials by finding the motivations behind our purchasing decisions. To learn more about neuromarketing you can read our article, What is Neuromarketing? Why Neuromarketing? How to use it?

Basically, brand managers are now able to collect scientific data about what is more effective on a target audience, how can they take positive feedback, what will increase the sales more etc. thanks to neuromarketing methods.

So that, it becomes possible to understand what and why consumer buys. Marketers may observe if the strategies they found on the table will work in real life thanks to neuromarketing.

Technology provides required tools while doing that.

How does it find the ‘‘Why’’

Let’s get back the main question: how neuromarketing is trying to understand customers?Neuromarketing is a research field that came in sight thanks to developments in monitoring technologies. That is why it uses monitoring techniques while finding the reasons behind the consumer’s decision-making.

These technologies are;

fMRI:It observes the part of the brain which is responsible for emotions such as award, pleasure, anxiety and etc. It can study how the ad which is tested creates an emotion on the consumer by observing the blood flow to the brain.

EEG:Human brain creates an electrical current when he felt something. EEG manages to analyze that at which part of the brain that electrical current is created and helps to evaluate the ad.

Eye Tracking:An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement. It evaluates where the consumer looks at more in the ad.

GSR:Our skin reacts when we feel emotions such as fear, excitement etc. GSR is able to observe these reactions.

brain waves and neuromarketing consumer emotion research

All the data gathered from these technologies are interpreted by the specialist from the social science such as sociology, psychology and etc.

The question ‘‘how neuromarketing is trying to understand customers?’’ might be given at that point.

Neuromarketing can find the reasons that even consumers don’t know about why they buy a product. It uses sophisticated monitoring technology while doing that.