When Did Neuromarketing Start?

When did neuromarketing start ,and what will its future be like? In order to better understand neuromarketing, it is useful to look at both its past and its future.

When Did Neuromarketing Start?
Reading Time 3 min / Publish Date - 01.04.2023

Learning the historical process and development of neuromarketing is a good starting point for understanding neuromarketing. Therefore, the subject of today's article is the past and future of neuromarketing.

History of neuromarketing

From a broad perspective, the foundations of neuromarketing were laid in the early 1900s with the emergence of imaging techniques in the medical field. However, it was first used in the marketing industry in the 1990s. The agreement of companies such as Coca-Cola and Ford with Gerald Zaltman and his team to understand the purchasing preferences of consumers was a milestone in this regard.

With the entry of neuroscience into the marketing industry, an international conference on neuromarketing took place in Houston in 2004. This conference has an important place in the history of neuromarketing. As a matter of fact, with this conference, the business world started to take an interest in this issue. In this way, neuromarketing has become a growing field, especially in the USA and Europe.

The Neuromarketing Business and Science Association (NMBSA) was established in 2012. NMBSA's mission is to develop neuromarketing techniques and spread them all over the world. In this, he was partially successful. He has pioneered the writing of many articles in this field with his researches since 2012. By 2017, NMBSA has more than 1,600 members in 93 countries.

A little note, the chairman of NMBSA Turkey is ThinkNeuro CEO Dr. It is directed by Yener Girişken.


Development of Neuromarketing

One of the main reasons for the rapid growth of neuromarketing is that the marketing sector is very large and results-oriented. Brands can significantly increase their sales thanks to neuromarketing techniques. Accordingly, the need for neuromarketing is increasing. Therefore, people are starting to invest more in this area. Brands using neuromarketing are also on the rise.

When we look at the growth rate and today of neuromarketing, it seems that we will hear its name frequently in the coming period...

Let's take a look at the future of neuromarketing.


The Future of Neuromarketing

The future of neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is an increasingly popular field. The latest news tells us that world giants such as Google and Microsoft have established their research units. Many consulting companies around the world allow brands to conduct neuromarketing research. In the marketing sector, where competition is fierce, brands do not hesitate to try neuromarketing methods to make a difference. When the results are positive, the future for neuromarketing becomes brighter.

The most important problem in the spread of neuromarketing research today is the high prices of the devices used. However, with the development of technology, these devices are also getting cheaper. Therefore, we can predict that research costs will decrease in the future.

With the increase in research, we will have more data to talk about and discuss. Comparing these data and examining them with different disciplines will increase the profits of the brands.

As a result, neuromarketing will continue to grow in the coming periods.

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