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Does Neuromarketing


Neuromarketing is more than a web link such as ”6 ways to improve your sales!” After all, neuromarketing is a science field.

eye, brain and visual cortex

Neuromarketing is the latest trend on the market. When it is the case, lots of unspecialized people talk about neuromarketing with intent to exploit it and that causes information pollution. People are not sure if neuromarketing works or not. So, does neuromarketing work? Well, the answer is as same as the answer of does neuroscience work?. Yes, it works.

So, what is neuroscience?

Simply, neuroscience is the discipline based on studying the nervous system.

Neuroscience which might be considered one of the many fields of biology makes researches about basic and behavioral sciences such as emotional systems, reflexes, memory, learning, psychiatry etc. The fact that the incidents we called behavioral in the past might be related to the nervous system makes neuroscience the field of the future.

What neuromarketing is interested in neuroscience is the field of behavioral science. In a nutshell, we can say behavioral neuroscience studies brain and how it affects the human behaviors.

vector brain and neurons

At that point, marketing which seeks to learn the fact of consumer’s buying decision process gets involved with neuroscience and neuromarketing come in sight.

Does neuromarketing work?

Neuromarketing methods are as same as neuroscience methods. Thereby, we can trust neuromarketing as much as we trust neuroscience.

The methods which are used in neuromarketing are;

fMRI: It observes the part of the brain which is responsible for emotions such as award, pleasure, anxiety and etc. It can study how the ad which is tested creates an emotion on the consumer by observing the blood flow to the brain.

EEG: Human brain creates an electrical current when he felt something. EEG manages to analyze that at which part of the brain that electrical current is created and helps to evaluate the ad.

Eye Tracking: An eye tracker is a device for measuring eye positions and eye movement. It evaluates where the consumer looks at more in the ad.

GSR: Our skin reacts when we feel emotions such as fear, excitement etc. GSR is able to observe these reactions.

brain waves and neuromarketing consumer emotion research

– All these neuromarketing research reveal more reliable results considered the conventional method. To learn why you can read our ‘why neuromarketing developed’ writing through that link

These facts prove that neuromarketing is more than a web link such as ‘6 ways to improve your sales. ’After all, it's a science field.

To sum up, neuromarketing basics are as same as neuroscience. Actually, that is the answer of ‘‘does neuromarketing work?’’ However, the methods and their reliability are proven already. Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Pepsi and many more use neuromarketing methods for no reason at all? We don’t think so…