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Social Media Management

We are managing the digital strategy and social media communication processes for Lotus Biscoff.


Coffee + Lotus Biscoff =
Perfect companionship, thrice the joy!

The story of The Lotus Bakeries has begun 85 years ago in the town of Lembeke, Belgium. Today, Lotus Biscoff is a globally enjoyed product and brand, and our partnership has been going on since 2013 in perfect harmony.

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When Lotus Biscoff began marketing in Turkey, it had not yet established accounts in social media. Firstly, it was necessary to identify the objectives, target audience, communication tone and create an advertising plan for the long run; a digital strategy that would provide efficient and engaging communication for the brand. The content we created according to our plan aimed to engage the audience, deliver a pleasant social media experience while introducing the brand's intimate and sincere tone of voice to the consumer.

We set 3 main goals for the project.


Digital Strategy

Shaping a digital strategy and a communication road map in regards to both long and short term goals.


Creative Content

Telling brand stories and forming creative content that involve recent, contemporary trends, news and data in harmony / synergy with sales / offline calendar.


The Perfect Companionship

Keeping all aspects of the digital strategy and creative elements in harmony with the idea of Lotus Biscoff being coffee’s best companion to form and increase brand awareness and sales.


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We blended neuromarketing principles with the creative stories we derived from daily news and trends. Although the creative content was meant to be targeting Turkish audiences, many accounts managed by Lotus Bakeries around the world asked for permission to use our content in their region and so our content reached much further than anticipated around the globe. Today, we are proud to say that we’ve come a long way since we started representing the brand on social media. Today, many coffee lovers in Turkey know the perfect companionship of Lotus Biscoff and coffee.

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We work with Designneuro for Lindt and Lotus Biscoff. They offer us creative solutions by combining their retail sale and neuromarketing experiences. We had great results with our ‘‘Eden Hazard and Roger Federer’’ social media campaigns.

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