Lotus Biscoff

Stand Design and Production

Lotus Biscoff @ İstanbul Coffee Festival


Biscuit + Coffee = Biscoff

Lotus Biscoff, Belgium’s world famous biscuit brand also happens to be the best companion to all kinds of coffee. So much that the brand name Biscoff actually comes from the words Biscuit and Coffee merging together. Thus, İstanbul Coffee Festival has been a great opportunity for Biscoff to meet coffee lovers.


Due to the general open air festival dynamics (crowd, flow, engagement etc.) the visitors had a brief moment, only a single glance of time to perceive the close relationship between Lotus Biscoff and all kinds of coffee. We also aimed to tell the brand story while visitors are tasting Biscoff.

We set 3 main goals for the project.


The Tasting

We created a space for visitors to get to know, taste and experience the brand and the product.



We decorated the bar & lounge area with fun illustrations telling the brand story.


Coffee & Biscoff

Visitors experienced the quality and joy of this companionship while they observed the illustrations.


Coffee Shop

Giant coffee mug

We filled a giant size coffee mug with Lotus Biscoff so that while the visitors collected the biscuits from inside this mug, they identified coffee with Biscoff.

Neuromarketing data tells us round and organic forms tend to leave a positive impression in the consumer's mind.

This is the idea behind our oval stand, having round corners rather than of a rectangular shape having sharp corners. There are two reasons behind this reasoning: Firstly, sharp and rigid forms and corners could pose a subconscious level threat inside the mind of the consumer. The second one is that the round, circular shapes match the oval form of our product, Biscoff. This way, a design that corresponds the positive aspects of the brand and brand identity has emerged.


Following the festival, brand awareness has risen, reflected upon the sales considerably. Our stand design was also selected as ‘Best Practice’ by Biscoff’s global marketing team.

We have worked with many agencies over the years, but we realized the meaning of going along, getting excited, creating endlessly, and understanding each other with Designneuro. As TUAD, our difference from other organizations is that we have a broad range of products and brands and that we serve multi-stakeholder groups. The colors of our business range became brighter and noticeable with Designneuro. It is a great advantage for us that they have a thorough knowledge of research and use neuro researches. We thank Fuat and Asli Kanik for their devoted and motivated works.

Pınar Trana

Tüad - General Coordinator


Creative Works

We have been producing creative works in accordance with contemporary design perspectives nourished by neuromarketing principles for TÜAD, which also serves as a communication network among Turkish researchers.